Towards Human Rights and Restorative Justice
Re-inventing Corrections
Towards Human Rights and Restorative Justice
Creating peaceful, healthier and accountable communities
Restoring Justice to victims and offenders
Creating Peaceful, Healthier and Accountable Communities
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What We Do

At Restorative Justice for Africa, we move the world into restoring peace and justice in Nigeria and across Africa.

A picture that depicts research
We conduct intensive research in the field of human rights and restorative justice.
Advocacy for restorative justice at REJA
Advocacy for Restorative Justice
We raise awareness about the purpose and benefits of Restorative Justice to our criminal justice system.
Justice for Indigent Inmates
Access to justice for indigent pre-trial Detainess
We connect volunteer lawyers to indigent persons in custodial centres, who can not afford legal representation.
Juvenile Justice Reforms at REJA
Juvenile Justice Reform
We campaign for institutional reforms in Juvenile Justice Administration in Nigeria and across Africa.
Women behind bars
Women Behind Bars
We also ensure that custodial centers are true correctional facilities for women, by ensuring that they cater for the hygiene needs of women behind bars.
Restitution, Rehabilitation and Welfare Programs
Rehabilitation and reintegration Programs
We design programs and welfare interventions to meet the needs of inmates and also help those who are released to plan for their life after rehab.

Who We Are

We are committed to restoring peace and justice, by strengthening communities through Restorative Justice Practices in Nigeria and across Africa.

Restorative Justice for Africa (REJA) was first conceived as an initiative in November 2017. However, we commenced operations fully in 2019. We are a social profit organization that is promoting access to justice and equally providing an approach that puts energy into the future, not the past. Centainly, an approach that begins with who has been hurt and what their needs may be, hence, giving wrongdoers a way back instead of guaranteeing them a lifetime of hardship…

Our Impacts in Numbers

If you have a particular cause you are passionate about in terms of Restorative Justice across Africa, most assuredly, REJA is the perfect place to start!


Welfare Interventions

We believe that it'll help them live better.


Live Projects

Support and be part of a change.


Inmates Represented

The result of the hard work together.



Support and be part of a change.

Our Partners

Target Audience

Most importantly, we aim at securing and restoring justice to minors behind bars, women behind bars and indigent inmates.

Minors Behind Bars

Around the world, children languish behind bars, sometimes for too long. In many cases, they face harsh conditions.

Women Behind Bars

Women behind bars all over the world often face certain hardship in terms of protection, privacy, health care, etc.

Indigent Inmates

Inmates in Nigeria prisons and prisons across Africa have found themselves in obvious terrible living conditions and harsh situations.

Change Lives with Your Gift

Giving a donation to ReJA can help us to reach more custodial centres. Hence, we transform the lives of inmates for the better. Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

We are a voice for Restorative Justice in Nigeria and all of Africa. We are re-inventing corrections and proposing reformative solutions that are born out of hope and possibility to the challenges in our Criminal Justice System.

Osariemen Grace Omoruyi

Executive Director

Our Gallery

Pictures of recent projects, advocacy, Access to Justice, Health and well-being of women behind bars, and events.

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Restorative Justice in Action- The Story of Sunday Joseph

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Reja Initiative facilitates Victim Offender Mediation in Abuja

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Safe Period Project organised at the Special Correctional Centre for Girls-Idi-Araba

Safe Period Project organised at the Special Correctional Centre for Girls-Idi-Araba

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