Arrested and Detained on False Charge of Stealing- REJA Initiative secures his release

In a sad tale of false accusations and abuse of power, Mr. D found himself trapped in the clutches of the criminal justice system. 

Mr. D was arrested and detained on a trump-up charge of stealing, and despite an express order by the DPO of the police station that he be released, a rebellious officer still took him and arraigned him at the Upper Area Court in Nasarawa State.

Mr. D endured an agonizing two-month stay at the Keffi Correctional Centre until REJA through its legal department, intervened by representing him for free and securing his release; opening the doors to his long-awaited freedom. 

In addition to securing his release, REJA supported Mr. D with essential relief materials and assisted him with transportation to return to his village in Nasarawa State.

Mr. D’s ordeal serves as a powerful reminder of the urgent need to address the deep-rooted flaws within Nigeria’s criminal justice system. Instances of abuse, like his, erode public trust and tarnish the reputation of law enforcement agencies.

Together, we must demand police accountability, comprehensive training for officers, and an expanded legal aid system that ensures justice is not a privilege but a fundamental right accessible to all.

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