Unjustly Incarcerated-REJA Initiative secures the release of Kingsley

We are delighted to share the remarkable story of Kingsley who faced a challenging legal battle but emerged victorious with the help of REJA Initiative.

Kingsley was wrongfully arrested, accused of conspiracy, and stealing a sealed parcel containing an iPhone 12 at his workplace. His trial faced several delays and adjournments, but our volunteer lawyer was committed to seeing the case to the end. 

Finally, on 19th July 2023, the case was withdrawn and struck out, and Kingsley was discharged, regaining his freedom after months of uncertainty. 

The trial magistrate commended the tenacity of the entire REJA Initiative team for their dedicated efforts. This remarkable victory highlights the power of perseverance and the importance of equitable access to justice. 

We stand alongside Kingsley, celebrating this triumphant moment, and we reaffirm our commitment to advocating for a more just and inclusive society for all! 

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