Reja Initiative Visits Essex Community Justice Centre, USA

REJA Initiative is honored to have visited the Essex Community Justice Centre, Vermont, USA. The visit afforded us with an incredible opportunity to learn about Restorative Justice from an American perspective. We intend to apply the insights gained during the visit to our Restorative Justice work in Africa.

REJA Initiative Partners with Remedi

Restorative Justice for Africa (REJA) Initiative is delighted to have completed a special training course on Restorative Justice, Facilitation and Victims support provided by Remedi Restorative Service, a UK based non-profit Restorative Justice Organization.

It was indeed an intellectually tasking but mutually beneficial, and enjoyable journey for both sides. We appreciate the industry of our facilitator, Gavin Hudson, in taking pains to ensure that our team members understand the nitty gritty of the course which cost several days and long hours.

REJA is also happy about the great value derived from the training which better positions the organization and its personnel at the forefront of Restorative Justice advocacy in Nigeria plus the benefits that will inure to both organizations as a result of the new found collaboration and anticipated partnerships between them.

We therefore reassure our partners, donors, sponsors, volunteers, beneficiaries and the general populace of a safe, transparent and all inclusive restorative service delivery on all fronts. Thank you for your continued support.


Abraham Lincoln talking about democracy would say it is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. Democracy entails the exercise of the electoral right of the people wherein citizens are allowed to participate in the process of choosing their representatives at different levels of government. The right to participate in politics though may be subject to few other qualifications set down by the laws of each polity, it is intricately linked to the citizenship right of an individual. Meaning, every citizen except those suffering from certain disabilities should participate in the government of the political entity to which it belongs.

Myths and Facts about Restorative Justice

Myth 4: Restorative Justice is not suitable for all cases, it is only appropriate for minor offences.

Fact: Restorative Justice (RJ) has proven to be very appropriate for capital offences as it has been for minor offences. For minor offences, RJ has provided alternativs to custodian sentences and for capital offences, it has be used in conjunction with the mainstream Justice system to achieve great results.